Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thanksgiving in Vegas

We spent Thanksgiving with the in-laws this year. Luckily for me, they live in Vegas which is one of my favorite cities so visiting them is fun. Not to mention, they're fun, fun, fun all around.

I've been visiting Vegas regularly since 1998 and I always meant to go to Seigfried and Roy's show. Unfortunately I never got around to it and now it's too late. The next best thing, though, is their "Secret Garden" at the Mirage Hotel where they display their tigers and lions. Or at least that's all I thought was there.

To my surprise, I found out that they have a rather large dolphin exhibit there at the Mirage and you can get really up close and personal to them. It's the next best thing to swimming with dolphins.

Of course they had the white tigers too, in fact they had 5 new tiger cubs - 2 snow white like this guy, 2 white ones with black stripes and 1 orange with black stripes. They were SO cute.

We stayed for a night at my favorite hotel.....Paris, of course. I know it's not the REAL one but I just love their Eiffel Tower, it's petite (1/2 scale) and cozy. So I was thrilled when we got to the room and saw our view.

And no trip to Vegas would be complete without a trip across the street to Bellagio.

After a couple of fun days on The Strip, we headed off to suburbia to bunk with the in-laws and eat turkey.....except they didn't fix turkey. I ask you, what's Thanksgiving without turkey...or pumpkin pie for that matter, because they didn't have that either. The ham and tiramisu were delicious but it just wasn't quite right. I came home and baked a pumpkin pie for myself this week. :-) But other than the menu changes (who knew I was so traditional?) it was a lovely visit and didn't last long enough.