Saturday, July 26, 2014

Camp Vintage

Not too long ago we had the chance to visit another vintage market in our local area - Camp Vintage. This show is held twice a year at Earthbound Farms market stand...yep, the company that makes all the bagged salads. They got their start here in the valley and they have a cutest little shop that sells veggies, salad kits and my favorite soft serve ice cream. I would come here just for the ice cream but throw in a Saturday morning vintage market and I'm in heaven.

It was a beautiful day out there and, as you can see, the scenery is breathtaking. The vintage market was well attended and there were so many fun, unique and rustic items. I saw several things that I would have liked to take home but nothing that I absolutely needed so it ended up being a great outing...and, of course, I had ice cream. That kinda makes it a perfect day.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

the big bad pool

I knew it would happen.

Before we left for our little trip I said to Mr. French, "Shifu is going to fall in the pool while we're there."

"oh no he won't, he's smart enough to stay away from it." was Mr. Know-It-All French's reply.

Not that I'd ever say I told you so but I TOLD YOU SO!

See, we have this tiny little ledge around the backside of the pool and Shifu likes to pretend he's a female gymnast walking on the balance beam so he just had to try it out. He made it around once with no problem but I didn't want to take any chances so I used some pool toys to block his access.however at some point they got moved and on our 3rd day there, my little daredevil was on the tiny ledge before I could stop him. I thought he'd make it around ok again but he decided to switch directions right in the middle of his journey and, whoop!, his back leg slipped a little and


I jumped up immediately and was prepared to plunge into the pool to save him but he's a dog and he did what dogs do. Shifu can swim! He is actually quite a good swimmer and he headed straight for the opposite edge where I was waiting to pull him out. As soon as I made sure he wasn't hurt in any way I did what any good mother would do...I got out the camera and documented the whole thing.

Far from being scared by his adventure, he was energized the rest of the day. I think it really cooled him off, he's a California dog and was suffering a little in the Florida humidity.

He did, however, keep a wary eye on the pool for the rest of our trip.

Friday, July 11, 2014

never forget

3 years ago today a piece of my heart disappeared and will never return. Jasper, my beloved 15 1/2 year old Golden Retriever passed away, rather unexpectedly, and life has never really been the same.

It's not like I haven't lost dogs before, there have been several furry friends in my life since the age of 5 but Jasper was different. He was my child, my best friend and someone that loved me unconditionally and never, ever wanted to change me. He didn't care if I ever lost weight or wrote a book or took up a craft or went back to school. Everybody should have someone in their life that looks at them with loving eyes with not a trace of disappointment. I really miss him. You can read about his life here.

That's one of my favorite pictures. I used to love dressing him up in silly hats, trying to catch the perfect picture before he ran away, dumping his headgear as he made a break for it. He really hated wearing these goggles (Doggles) and they didn't stay on his face too long so I'm glad I snapped a great picture. I think it makes him look like a cool dude. He probably had a different opinion.

A few weeks after Jasper died I started wearing these two bracelets every day. I got the leather bracelet specially made (at Disney World) and the beads are a stone called red jasper. Since my baby was a reddish color, it's the perfect tribute. I'm almost never without the bracelets and they make me feel connected and provide comfort.

1,095 days down, a lifetime to go.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Time flies

I can't believe our wonderful,  marvelous and much anticipated week is over. By the time you read this we will be back in California.  Sigh.

We had so much fun. We celebrated my mother's 92nd birthday and our 28th anniversary.  We got together with dear friends as well as dear family that we're lucky to call friends as well.

We ate well, both at home and out. We swam and laughed and even cried...although that was from all the laughing.

It was great to have Shifu with us. We didn't have to worry about him being lonely at home and he learned that the world was bigger than he had ever imagined.

Of course I don't want to leave this home of my heart but I'm sure the ghosts at Tor House have missed me so I guess I must return to work and the real world.  Sigh.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

More fun

Having a wonderful time, wish you were here!
Shifu got to visit with his grandma for the first time.  He was a little shy at first but soon was trotting all over her new place.
My mother's recent move meant that she had a rug that she no longer needed so I took it off her hands. It's just perfect in my sun room, I love it.
When not visiting Grandma, we're enjoying the wonderful sunshine, good food and the occasional trip for ice cream. I wish we could stay here forever.