Tuesday, June 28, 2016

happy place

Did you miss me?

You might have noticed that I took a little break from blogging. It's not that I didn't have many things to say or that nothing was happening. Just the opposite, there were too many things to say and way too many things happening. I didn't know where to begin and I had no idea what was going to happen so I decided to wait until things were more settled.

In April we had to make a big change in our lives. We packed all our stuff into storage in California, put as much as we could into 2 suitcases and flew off into the unknown...in FLORIDA!

Yeah, you read that right - we're back in Florida. Bet you didn't see that coming, did you? We didn't either but it seemed like the only right thing to do.

It was a scary decision, we came here with no jobs, no idea how we were going to rebuild our lives. Let's face it, we were kind of terrified but excited too because we have always loved Florida. We were also exhausted, moving is not fun.

We've been here 2 months now and life is finally starting to settle into a nice pattern. There are still a couple of major challenges but I've watched God knock down so many hurdles recently, I can't help but feel hopeful.



  1. I'm glad you are still blogging!! How exciting that you are back where you really want to be. Hope things are wonderful for you.


  2. Wow, that is so funny...pretty much the exact same thing we did. Kyran did have a job here luckily but it was still quite something to do the cross country move twice so I definitely understand! I absolutely love living here, even the stifling humidity feels good:)

    I'm glad things are settling down and hope that you both find the perfect jobs!

  3. I'm from south Florida and you'll love the Sunshine state! all the best ox


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