Saturday, January 17, 2009

How to make macaroni and cheese

1. Search the internet for mac and cheese recipes

2. Find several, ignore them all and make something up

3. Boil macaroni, drain and dump into a bowl

4. Add cheese to the macaroni and stir

5. Realize that bowl is too small to stir cheese into macaroni without spilling over so move mixture into a bigger bowl.

6. Mix together other ingredients in small bowl.

7. Realize that macaroni bowl is too small to have other ingredients added to it so move mixture into an even bigger bowl.

8. End up with a sink full of bowls

9. Move mixture to cooking dish and say a prayer of thanks that it fits

10. Cook for 30 minutes and hope for the best

11. Take perfect macaroni and cheese out of the oven

12. Eat

13. Go back for seconds

14. Go back for thirds

15. Decide that you'd better not make macaroni and cheese again for a while because it's too good.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy 2009!

Christmas and all its associated baggage is over, thank goodness, and now we're on to a fresh year. As Anne of Green Gables would say "it's a new day with no mistakes in it." Not that there were all that many mistakes in 2008, it was mostly a pretty good year, but there's always something so refreshing about starting a new year.

I'm not big on resolutions, mostly because I hate to tie myself down to anything. This year I'm resolving to be pretty every day (that's not too hard), buy something frivilous (for myself, natch) at least once a month and to try all the flavors and combinations at Coldstone....although not all at once because my only serious resolution is to make healthier eating choices MOST of the time. The Coldstone resolution will come in to play during the parts that MOST doesn't cover.

I'm doing pretty good at keeping Resolution #1 already - the waitress at our favorite Korean place told me that I was very pretty today. She's never said anything personal at all to me, ever, and even she seemed surprised when the words came out of her mouth. I guess I was just extra dazzling today....I think it's the new, frivilous, lipstick.

One more resolution - to try to post more often and to take pictures to document my oh so exciting life. So here's the first one, my adorable buddy Jasper, following his regular weekday routine, going to the office with daddy.

We like to say that he works very hard during the day, reading the back of his eyelids. He makes sure to wake up at lunch time, though!

So Happy New Year to everybody, let's hope it lives up to its promise.