Wednesday, January 2, 2013


meet Gallagher, my travel pig

Oh yeah, it's the time of the year to look forward and make all sorts of resolutions. I LOVE this time of year! But if you think you're going to watch me beat myself up over all the things I didn't do last year, you've come to the wrong place. I don't do negative self talk...ever.

This year my singular resolution is simple - be happy.

For the most part I'm a naturally upbeat person so happiness isn't usually something I have to strive for but lately I feel that it's eluding me, at least the level of happiness that I would like. So this year is dedicated to happiness and whatever I need to do to live in it daily.

One thing that makes me happy is travel and I intend to spend 2013 traveling as much as I can afford and still be able to hold on to my job. This probably means a lot of long weekends. Just a few days ago I saw a report on the news about de-stressing and they encouraged lots of long weekend travel rather than saving it all for 2 full weeks so I guess I'm on the right track there.

This year I want to visit old friends - people and places - and visit at least one new place, preferably a country. I plan on spending a few weekends in Florida, wish it could be more but I'm happy to get there whenever I can.

To get the year started off right I already have a trip planned which includes re-visiting a favorite place and catching up with friends old and new. It's a spontaneous, spur of the moment kind of trip - my favorite kind. One of the things I missed the last couple of years was the ability to plan spontaneous adventures to faraway places. Yes, we could always spontaneously run off to someplace local for the day but I'm talking about something a little bigger than that. Being able to go to London for a weekend back in November was the first truly fun trip I'd taken in a while and half the fun of it was the fact that I could do it.

This month I'm sticking a little closer to home but it will still involve an airplane. It's happening pretty soon now so I can't wait to show you the pictures.

Here's to finding happiness in the coming year!