Tuesday, September 3, 2013


I. Need. A. Vacation. Seriously.

I don't see one in my future this year but that doesn't stop me from wanting one so badly that it's practically all I think about.

I just want to go somewhere warm, preferably with a beach, but I'd settle for anywhere that the air conditioning doesn't need to be fixed (or if it does, it isn't my problem) and my schedule is my own.

I'm not going to get this, I'm going to get up tomorrow morning and head off to work and keep working on the Fall Festival (from hell) event that's coming up in October. Then I'll get off work and do 2 or 3 or 20 errands on the way home until it's time to fix dinner and do laundry and clean up the kitchen. And in my spare time I'll do my duties for the 2 boards of directors that I serve on and, in addition, try to read up on Medicare so that I don't let another open enrollment period go by without getting my mother's situation straightened out and I'll waste time worrying about other things I don't control.

But all the time, I'll be wishing I could go on vacation, dreaming of a beach and maybe a tropical drink...or four.