Thursday, June 18, 2009

Job stuff

I like my job. I didn't always, it used to drive me crazy when I did it a few years ago. Now that I've come back for almost a year, I appreciate its good points and love it most of the time.

MOST of the time.

However, around event time, it's difficult. Tensions run high and everybody thinks that they are doing too much and everybody but them is a slacker.

Today I learned that one of the people I've always liked, who got frustrated on the phone with me last week because she thinks she's being put upon, has been telling everyone that I hung up on her...when the truth is that I was saying the word goodbye when she severed the connection. I actually stood there stunned for a few minutes because I couldn't believe she'd hung up on me. I know eventually we'll work it out because we've always gotten along well but I really don't like being lied about, especially when the first thing she did was to run and tattle to my boss.

Then there's the flip side - people who have stepped up to the plate and taken on way more than others, just to make sure that we have a successful event. I really appreciate these people, even if they do make me giggle when they tell me what a big job "X" is...yeah, I know, I used to be the one doing it along with about 20 other projects. ;-) Because we're a volunteer organization, we couldn't exist without those people and I have nothing but admiration and appreciation for them. They are the reason I mostly love my job!