Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween 2013

Shifu would like to wish everyone a happy and safe Halloween!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Seize the Weekend

With apologies to Laura and Duke for stealing their blog was too good to pass up!

Anyway, remember all that whining I did back in September about NEEEEEEDing a vacation? Well, I really did need one and I knew there was no way I was getting a full week, traditional vacation so I was feeling kinda desperate...until I rearranged my definition of vacation and figured out how to Seize The Weekend. I decided 2 or 3 days was way better than no days and decided to make plans for a mini-vacation.

We weren't going to be able to go far but then I remembered that with just a 3 hour drive, we could find ourselves in a whole new world.

I would love to go on an African safari one day. I've been obsessed with explorers Martin and Osa Johnson for years and I would love to travel to some of the places that they captured on film in the '20s and '30s but while that experience may be a few years down the road, luckily for me I can catch a glimpse of safari life at Safari West in Sonoma, California.

We booked the whole package - tent cabin, bbq dinner and vehicle safari the next morning. I had been dreaming about this place for a couple of years now and I was super excited to finally get to see it in person. I am happy to say that it lived up to and exceeded my every expectation. It was so much fun and I really felt like we'd wandered into another world. After 2 days, I felt refreshed and ready to get back to real life.

the view from our tent cabin

nighttime on the Sonoma Serengeti

Now, Wasn't That Fun?  Yes, indeedy!