Tuesday, July 21, 2015

new project

I just spent the last 3 weeks doing a full-time temp job and I had to dress like a grownup every single day. Wow, that was hard. So this is the picture I took on Saturday morning rejoicing in the fact that I finally got to be me again - lace, jeans and a hat. What a relief.

I'm sure the whole grownup/job thing will happen again soon (I'm not fond of temping but there doesn't seem to be much interest in my resume these days) but for now I have a few days free to hang out at home and that means it's time for a new painting project.

I got a pair of these awesome cabinet doors at Camp Vintage this year. I plan on repurposing them into jewelry organizers. At first I thought I wouldn't paint them at all because I love that mint green color but I have a couple of different ideas now.

Over the weekend I asked Mr. T to help me move this table over to the patio so that I could set up a nice workspace with plenty of room.

I've got all my supplies together and can't wait to get started!

Charlie, on the other hand, would prefer it if I would stop moving around and just hang out on the couch with her.

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  1. Charlie looks so comfy on that blanket! Did you guys get any rain? My in-laws got a ton the other day, it happened while they were on the freeway and my FIL could barely see. Their dog was home alone and had a panic attack from the lightning, tried to dig through the tile floor and was covered in blood when they got home which caused my youngest brother in-law to have a total meltdown...thankfully all is well now!

    The mint green is lovely but I'm sure whatever color you paint them, they'll look even better:) When we moved back to So Cal after our first aborted attempt to live here, I went on 13 job interviews and only 2 even took the time to call me back and tell me I did not get the job...the rest just never even responded. I finally got a job at a Dr's office and it was awful, on my 2nd day I was in the car on my phone with Kyran just sobbing because I hated it so much and wasn't getting home til 7 at night due to traffic. So, we decided it wasn't worth it and I quit...haven't worked again since but now that we're settled somewhere we really like, I want to find something! Probably not back in the medical industry again but something I could do PT would be nice:) Hang in there, you'll find something but I agree, temping is not fun!


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