Monday, August 17, 2015

Travels with Charlie - Cambria

Don't we all have a favorite travel spot - the place you long to go when you need a little break from life? 

For us, this spot is Cambria, California. It's about 2 hours south of us so while we have frequently made it a weekend getaway, it's also a perfect day trip.

Recently we traveled down for a day. How I would have loved to have stayed at our favorite place down there - Cavalier Resort - but that wasn't in the budget. 

Frankly, even the day trip down to Cambria wasn't in the budget but we really, really needed an escape. So we packed some sandwiches (no visit to the Main Street Grill on this trip, sob) and hit the road. 

And the road was HOT. We watched the temperature climb higher and higher each mile down the highway but we knew it would drop dramatically the minute we turned toward the coast.

 Even so, Charlie was very happy when we stopped for a water break

Cambria is quirky, that's what I love about it

I kind of really want that turtle/batman poster

When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping...or at least window shopping. Cambria has some really wonderful shops and I was the queen of window shopping that day.

Looks like Mr. T and Charlie are tired of shopping and are heading off for pie without me...hey, wait up guys!

Good thing this was our next stop

Oh look, more shopping at the pie store!

and best of all they have this amazing puffed corn snack that I crave. I limited myself to 2 bags and I've been pretty good at rationing them out, I still have a little bit left but I think I see the need for another trip down in the near future.

All too soon it was time to head back home. It was fun sharing such a happy place with Charlie. We have many good memories of being here with Jasper and Shifu. It's been great sharing it with you too!


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  1. I love all that beach decor! I'm sure I've been to Cambria at some point, having driven up that way several times. Crazy how the temperature can drop that much but I know it's been really hot there lately. My in-laws live in Lancaster and it was 107 the other day...ugh! Thank goodness for A/C:)

    Our little getaway spot is always Naples:) There's a La Quinta that's pretty cheap during off season and we always go to the same restaurant for BBQ pulled pork chips...they're out of this world good!

    It looks like you're having lots of fun with Charlie and she's one lucky girl to have you both!


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