Monday, October 27, 2008

are you ready for a throwdown?

Have you ever watched Throwdown on the Food Network? It's a show by Bobby Flay, who has never been my favorite Food Network star (and don't even get me started about his Las Vegas restaurant Mesa Grill) but I really enjoy him on this show.

The premise is that he challenges chefs to a cook-off featuring their specialty. Sometimes he wins, more often he loses but it's always fun to watch, especially when Bobby messes the jambalaya episode one day, SO funny. He always shows up unexpectedly, the chef thinks they're being filmed for another Food Network show and is "surprised" when Bobby shows up and challenges them.

Anyway (yes, there is a point here), last night I was watching the news and they did a story on a local restaurant (one of my favorites) that was going to be featured in a new show on the Food Network. They were going to film a special cook-off at the restaurant at noon and invited the public to come by. I immediately thought that this sounded just like a set-up for Throwdown and I mentioned it to T in case he wanted to drop by and take pictures. He "works" from home so he has time to go out and do fun things like that.

He loved the idea and showed up at the restaurant today.....and yes, I was right, it *was* a throwdown. He got some great shots of Bobby cooking cioppino (a fish stew that's a San Francisco specialty). Apparently the restaurant was so impressed by his camera (and professional lens) that they got him a tall ladder so that he could get good shots without the crowd being in the way. They asked for copies of the pictures for their website.

Where was I during all this fun? I was working. You see, I have a serious job and can't just run around the country having fun. Was I jealous all through the day? You betcha! But it will be fun to watch the episode (currently set to air around the end of November) and know that T was there. Maybe we'll even catch a glimpse of him, although he's quite camera shy and probably stayed as far away from the cameras as he could.

By the way, don't bother asking who won, it's a secret.

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