Tuesday, March 31, 2009

back to work

I think I've finally found the perfect working schedule for me - 3 days a week. It's not great for earning money (believe me) but it's perfect for people who have too many personal interests to devote a whole week to work. ;-) I'm at work from Tuesday to Thursday and then I have a lovely 4 day weekend every week. It's pure bliss walking out of here at 4pm on Thursday and knowing that I don't have to be back again until 9am on Tuesday.

The only problem that I've found is that I'm gone just long enough to completely forget any issue that was simmering last week. I walk in on Tuesday morning feeling like I've been away for weeks, thinking that I must be terribly behind on something and wondering what the heck I was working on before I was called away. It's always a relief to remember that I haven't been gone forever, no one has missed me, nothing has slipped through the cracks - well, except for all those letters I took home on Thursday thinking sure that I'd get a chance to mail on Friday only to completely forget them and only remember on Tuesday morning as I'm getting ready to go into work....oops.

The real joy of my new schedule is that long weekend trips are within reach. I can take a quick trip out of town for pleasure or research and not have to beg for time off, feeling guilty for being away from work. I'm particularly susceptible to displeasure in others and I always feel like I'm letting the team down if I take time off so this new situation is a big help towards squelching my stupid guilt complex.

A couple of research trips are already being planned for this summer and I'm hoping to get away for a little vacation somewhere with the husband. So many possibilities and for once, plenty of time.

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  1. I'm so very happy about your accommodating schedule. ;o) Maybe we could schedule a trip for every weekend?


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