Friday, March 23, 2012

Lucky Lindy

Years ago my mother gave me a cute woven throw for Christmas that was covered with teddy bears.  These were not just any bears, they were Very Important Bears which was a line of collectible teddies that represented famous people - Abearham Lincoln, Lady Libearty, Bearie Antoinette, etc.  They started selling the bears in 1986 with Amelia Bearhart as the first release.  I was never a collector of the bears when they were being sold but my mother thought the throw was cute AND that I collected teddy bears (I don't) and it did spark my interest in one particular bear.

Unfortunately I never saw any bears for sale in person and the VIBs stopped selling by the early 90s so I figured I would never see Charles Lindbeargh in person...

UNTIL - recently I found the throw again and became fixated on ol' Lindy (I'm going through an aviation phase) and now there's the Internet and EBAY!  With a little research I learned that the bears have gone up in price on the secondary market but Lindy was pretty reasonably priced, (as opposed to Amelia Bearhart who goes for over $1000!) so I could hope that one day I'd find him.  And then it happened, that thing that Ebay-ers dream about - an underpriced collectible with no reserve and no other bidders!

I did a little more research about the outfit because you don't usually see Lindy pictured in a flight suit (at least I hadn't) but I was pleasantly surprised to see that the VIB company had done their homework

Now I've got my sights on Amelia Bearhart


  1. Unbearably cute;) Your mama must've know that someday you'd come around!



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