Saturday, May 5, 2012


As promised, here is photographic evidence of our day on the dunes.

We are blessed to live near the coast and really near a wonderful little park called Dunes which is perched above the bay. It's not easy to find this park as you have to travel through a semi-abandoned wasteland that used to be a thriving military base. The first time we tried to find it, I kept wanting to turn around because it was really creepy to be driving through neighborhoods of derelict buildings and tumbledown warehouses. I'm pretty sure I saw a ghost...or a crack house. Eventually though, I drove across the bridge and into paradise. It has become a favorite picnic spot on sunny days.

This is where we decided to set up camp today. Since the word safari is derived from the Swahili word kusafiri meaning "to travel," I kept calling our picnic spot safari camp since we had to travel so far (5 miles from home) to get there.

the gang's all here

safari camp essentials

Shifu made himself comfortable

Our safari camp was surrounded by water with amazing views especially if you walked over to the edge of the cliff.

It ended up being a lovely day with plenty of sunshine although a little too breezy at times and our little family had a wonderful outing.

Coming up tomorrow - Shifu finds religion at the Blessing of the Animals. But for now - all that fresh air makes me sleepy, time for a nap!

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