Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy 100th

It's a big day here at Jasper's Cottage, the 100th post! Hard to imagine I've been doing this since 2008; it's been an interesting few years. The last two years have not been my favorites but I have high hopes for the future.
Today is also our 26th wedding anniversary and in honor of that we took a little trip over the weekend to a favorite spot where we used to go often with Jasper. As you can imagine, it was a little bittersweet to be back there but it turned out to be very relaxing and we had a fantastic time. Shifu (who is also known as Peanut these days) is shaping up to be a good traveler. He was a little subdued when we first got to the hotel because it was a scary new experience but he was soon walking around as if he owned the place. Just like any good adventurer, he has his own suitcase.

Peanut's suitcase has little airplanes on it
 No trip would be complete without some great food and we got to visit two favorites Wild Ginger Cafe and The Tea Cozy. Enjoy the food porn from the Tea Cozy. (Wild Ginger pictures later this week.)

tea in the garden

Corn chowder with a unique presentation

British pasty

the fruit and cheese plate was not only delicious, it was a work of art

Peanut enjoyed tea in the garden


  1. Looks delicious! Happy anniversary!

  2. Happy Anniversary! Glad that you were able to enjoy it in one of your favorite spots.

  3. Happy Anniversary. You certainly celebrated in a great way, all three of you.


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