Saturday, November 8, 2014

my favorite apron

I just love to bake so when the man of the place cleaned out the freezer the other day and mentioned that I had a "ton" of frozen bananas in there, I took the (very broad) hint and decided to spend today baking banana bread, which I promise to tell you about another day.

BUT, I can't even begin to talk about baking without first talking about aprons. Don't you just love aprons? I can't resist an apron made from vintage-style fabrics. If you ever lose me in a kitchen store, just look for the apron display. Aprons make me feel like Julia Child, June Cleaver, Donna Reed and Lucy Ricardo all rolled into one.

So a couple of years ago I was thrilled to find a great online apron designer, Cindy from Retro Revival. Actually, I guess I didn't find her online, I found her at the Great American Pie Festival because we were both living in Central Florida at the time. Anyway, I fell in love with her aprons and was determined to have her make something for me.

I knew just what I wanted. Don't laugh but I found the perfect vintage apron at the American Girl store. Unfortunately it wasn't quite my size because it was made for a doll. So I asked Cindy to make me an apron just like Kit Kittredge had.

 I really loved the mix of fabrics. It's hard to tell in this picture but those are cherries on the bodice.

Here's the finished product, isn't it great? I look forward to wearing it whenever I'm in the kitchen.  And so, the first thing I did today, before the first egg was cracked, was to put on my apron because that's what you do when you are about to begin a day of marathon baking.

 Of course, the second thing I did was take a selfie because...ha, there's really no good reason for that but I guess I was just feeling sassy in my apron and wanted to share. Lucky you!


  1. What a cute idea to have someone recreate the doll apron! I really should invest in an apron, I always get my shirts so messy:) Love the selfie!

  2. Jonni, we were neighbors once, because I lived in Central Florida too---for 20+ years!

    I love aprons too, and I think yours is beautiful! And you are quite beautiful too!!


  3. You made me smile so big this morning! Aren't you the sweetest for giving me a shout-out?! Thank you:) You are sassy and beautiful!


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