Monday, November 3, 2014

birthday month

We have 5 birthdays in my family this month (with a new little one set to make an appearance) so November is clearly the best month of the year, commonly referred to as BIRTHDAY MONTH. And yes, we say it in all caps like that. We all start celebrating on November 1 and don't stop until the last midnight chime has rung on November 30.

Happy Birthday Month to all the November babies out there - quite a few of my friends were blessed to be born into this most lucky of months as well so the party never stops.

To the rest of you, feel free to celebrate us too! We are so clearly worth it.


  1. And I got my first birthday gift yesterday. And, of course, two just prior to November when Eric put two bookshelves together for me (he really hates putting those things together). ;-)

  2. I have a November birthday and I am a firm believer in celebrating for the entire month.

    Happy Birthday to all your family.

  3. When Jamie dropped me off the other night, Jim had flowers, a bottle of wine, new slippers, and a bumpy cake waiting for me. Bliss! Sunday I get to have dinner with Jim and the kids. That doesn't happen often enough and with everything that's been happening lately, I NEED it. I consider that to be my greatest birthday gift.


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