Friday, February 20, 2015

under the weather

The man of the place is on the road much of the time these days but it's not (awfully) lonely here at the cottage because I have the adorable Shifu.

who clearly has no concept of personal space or boundaries. He's my little buddy.

So it was especially distressing recently when he started acting different. At first I put it all down to aging, he was slowing down, etc. But eventually it became clear that something else was going on so off to the vet we went yesterday. 

I had some fears, we've been fighting a cancerous tumor in his ear for 2 years now but luckily this was just a run of the mill ear problem that can be treated. We were sent home with 2 different medicines and lots of relief.

Today is going to be all about taking it easy and getting plenty of rest while we let the medicine do its good work. Soon enough we'll be back to running through the halls but today I'll enjoy snuggling with my baby on the couch.


  1. I hate it when our little ones don't feel well. Get well soon, Shifu.

  2. Poor Shifu! Hope he's feeling better already. It's tough when they're not feeling well and can't tell us what's wrong.


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