Friday, August 12, 2011

Jasper Tails - What's In a Name

I knew Jasper was Jasper before there was a Jasper.

Wow, reading that makes my head hurt.  But it's true.  In the 1990s I was kind of obsessed with a TV series that was based on Lucy Maud Montgomery's books The Story Girl and The Golden Road.  The series was set on Prince Edward Island (although not filmed there) and featured memorable characters - like Jasper Dale.

But no, I didn't name Jasper after a TV character...I named him after a book character too.

In The Golden Road Jasper Dale was described as the Awkward Man, a painfully shy old bachelor who kept to himself until he finally found the love of his life.  You can read the love story of the awkward man here.

I fell in love with the character of Jasper Dale in the book and was so happy that they brought him to life perfectly on the small screen in Avonlea.

Mag Ruffman and R. H. Thompson played Olivia and Jasper Dale
 So I knew I wanted to have a dog named Jasper one day.  I even confided this to my friend Mary Evelyn weeks before we found our Jasper.  She knew Jasper before there was a Jasper too.

What I didn't know was how perfect the name would be.  As we were to find out within the first few days after bringing Jasper home, he shared more than just a name with Jasper Dale.  Our little Jasper was indeed, The Awkward Man.

More next week!

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