Saturday, August 13, 2011

Saturday Stuff - Victorian Trading Company

Victorian Trading Company

As I mentioned yesterday, I was obsessed for a while with Avonlea, a show set during the Victorian period.  But I must confess that I wasn't only obsessed with the TV show, I was obsessed with the whole Victorian period.  I loved the clothes, hair, music and decorating style...especially the decorating style. 

It wasn't just me, there was a whole Victorian revival in the '80s and '90s so there were a lot of stores and catalogs that acted as enablers for my Victorian habit.  I even found the perfect nouveau Victorian white wicker sofas and chairs to create the perfect Victorian living room on a budget.

One of these catalog companies still entices me from time to time even though my Victorian obsession has passed, although the wicker remains.  They have some truly lovely merchandise, so romantic, whimsical and just plain unique.  I'm getting this pair of boots even though I'm not sure I'd ever wear them in public.

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aren't they beautiful?!
Meet the Victorian Trading Company - enjoy!


  1. Oh, those would look wonderful tromping though our back 3 acres. When I wanted fancy boots I couldn't find them so settled for ugly old black ones. They do the job but arent nearly as cute/beautiful.

  2. I've always wanted fancy boots, but the don't fit around my dang fat calves!
    Check out my blog. You've got an award! :-)


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