Saturday, September 3, 2011

Saturday Stuff: Chuck It!

I throw like a girl.
Actually, that's insulting to girls.
I throw badly.  I used to take Jasper out in the backyard and try to throw the tennis ball.  Ever the optimist, he would stand on the far side of the yard and wait for the ball to come hurtling towards him, ready to catch it.  You can only imagine the mixed pity and disgust on his face when I would let go of the ball and it would fall mere inches from my own feet.  No wonder he would head back to the house after only a few attempts.
Then I found The Chuck It and it changed everything; it's like having a bionic arm!  Suddenly I could throw and the ball goes FAR.  The first few times it went further than Jasper could anticipate so he had to go running into the trees.  His look of surprise was everything I could have hoped for.
Not only did the Chuck It revolutionize our games of fetch, I never had to touch a slimy tennis ball again.  That alone was worth the purchase price.  It's a good value too, we used ours for many years including several fetch sessions just earlier this year.   If you love a dog, you need one of these!


  1. Ha ha -- this is great!! We have a Jasper-like doggie next door who came to meet us with his tennis ball one afternoon recently when we got home from work. Z gets excited when he sees dogs and is obsessed with balls, so I thought he'd LOVE this, and H used to have a dog at her other house so figured she'd have fun too. Ha. Z was TERRIFIED and would scream and run anytime the dog would try to bring him the ball, and H was disgusted by the "doggy slobbers" and refused to play with him. no amount of me demonstrating how to play fetch with the dog would win either of them over to it. I guess they take after me after all. ;o)

  2. That is wonderful. If either of our dogs played fetch, we would be getting one (wish you had had one for Reggie). Eric used to play fetch with Watson. He would throw the ball down the hall (Watson's tail wagging) then the two of them would walk down the hall and fetch the ball. Watson had him trained well.

  3. You are not alone..I throw like a girl, too. :) And I love my brings out the GIRL POWER in us that lies there dormant until we need our strength. Chuck-It brings that out! Poor Reilly has a tough time, too, because while the Chuck-It gives me distance, it doesn't do much for my aim! So, he just has to run farther off the beaten track now.
    Great blog, Cakes!


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