Wednesday, March 5, 2014

I Heart Wicker

Once upon a time a beautiful princess moved into her first castle and it was perfect...except for one teeny tiny little problem - there just wasn't enough furniture to fill up all the rooms and the empty, echoing living room really bummed her out. The empty, echoing furniture budget bummed her out too, unfortunately.

But then the princess, who was really quite brilliant, came up with a genius idea - why not fill the living room with wicker! Since the princess was obsessed with interested in the Victorian era back then, wicker was the perfect solution. A full room of beautiful, lacy-looking furniture without bankrupting the kingdom. The prince and princess loved the solution and the kingdom rejoiced.

Wasn't that a sweet story? That wicker has held up well through 3 moves over the past 20 years and I still love it just as much as I did back in our first house. I love it so much, I've never really wanted to get "regular" living room furniture. We don't really use our living room, we live in our family room...which will never be photographed because we, well, we live there.

And while I still adore my wicker, I feel like I want to change it up a little to get a fresh look. I've recently become obsessed with fond of the whole cottage/vintage chic style of decorating which is cozier and less stuffy than Victorian but I'm not completely sure how to incorporate this style change into my living room.

I'm thinking that the first thing to do might be to get new cushions. My original 20-year old cushions are pictured above. I don't have a definite vision for the new cushions yet, definitely something non-floral, maybe a solid color or subtle stripes?

I'm totally open to suggestions - any ideas?

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  1. I have to show this to my aunt. She loves wicker and will be very jealous!


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