Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Market Day

Do you ever visit the Farmers Market? Our town has one on Sundays and it's always a fun way to spend an hour or so.

Of course Summer is the best time to visit because of the variety

Those pictures are from last summer. The market isn't quite that colorful here in the early days of spring but it's still a worthwhile trip because of the yummy market food. My favorite treat these days is the baked potato stand.

I always get mine with everything but butter and jalapenos.

After my weekly treat, I usually go visit the dollar store around the corner, you never know what treasures you can find there. This week I found these adorable hangers - 2/$1!

They will be perfect to use to photograph clothes, I still can't believe something so pretty is only a dollar.

I love market day, can't wait for next weekend!


  1. This cheered me up. :) It gives me hope that spring/summer will come again...even to Michigan.

  2. I love farmer's markets! We have one at a park every Friday morning but we've only been once and I always forget to carry cash! Those tomatoes look delicious. Love your pretty finds too:)


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