Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hello from the Road...
by Jasper Ngo

My name is Jasper Ngo.

I am the Travelin' and Eatin' Dog. Ricky Nelson could have written a song about me.

In my 15.5 years, I have lived in three states (VA, CA and FL) and visited AZ, NM, TX, LO, MS and AL. I have flown across the country. I have taken 6 road trips between CA and FL. I have seen Route 66 and stood on a corner in Winslow, AZ. I went to many beaches, mountains, deserts, countless towns and cities. I traveled so much, I had my own suitcase. I got really excited when it came out because it meant Adventure Time was here. My favorite beach is Carmel Beach where I can run. My favorite town is, of course, Carmel-by-the-sea and eating at the Tuck Box or The Forge in the Forest or Casanova or getting a drink from a silver bucket at Porta Bella. It was also a lot of fun spending a weekend at the Happy Landing Inn or having Afternoon Tea at the Cypress Inn. Although I liked Carmel, going on long weekends to San Simeon, having lunch at the Main Street Grill with my Mommy and Daddy gave me lots of fun memories. The irony in my life was, I lived by the sea but I was not fond of the water or the swimming pool. I have been to Yosemite Park and walked up to Bridal Veil Falls under the admiring eyes of the many tourists. My favorite desert is the Mojave desert, where I stood facing into the cool desert wind inhaling all the sweeping scents as if I was reading a doggy world newspaper.

Since I never bark, I have successfully sneaked in and out of many motels but never made a single mistake in them!

I am pretty sure, I have seen more places and traveled more than some people.

As for food, I have snacked (now a verb) my way through life. I have loved eating with my family even though I am sure that, at times, they would have preferred not to share their food. I became a Master at "Sad Eyes" when it came to food. Just to let you know, the family phrase "Daddy does not share food!" did not apply to me, that's how good I was. Since I was never quite sure if it was easier with Mommy or Daddy, I got food from both!

My favorite foods? Pizza, Cheerios, Hot Dogs (National Hebrew), Marshmallows, Daddy's Special BBQ Ribs, Lucky Dog Bakery Cookies and the occasional popcorn.

I have indulged my Mommy with her hat fetish. So many embarrassing pictures of me in hats for various occasions. One of the best is winning a trophy in the very First Reindoggy Parade held in Carmel in Dec 2005. At least in that contest, Mommy and Daddy had to wear silly hats as well.

Let's not forget that I am famous. I was featured in the Carmel Pine Cone newspaper in October 2008! I was "interviewed" for the Sandy Claws column by Margot Nichols after my Mommy figured out who we needed to meet to get interviewed!

So you see, I have led a life full of love and fun adventures. I made a lot of memories with my little family.

Alas, all things do come to a close, always too early, even after many years of a good life. I am thankful to have had a wonderful, happy, long healthy life with my Mommy and Daddy. Together, we grew, we walked, we played ball, we played the "slippers" game, we went to work together, we went for car rides, we traveled, we ate good food, we laughed, we explored, we had fun quiet times and most importantly we LOVE each other. Together, I was never afraid of Life and learned that Adventure is out there. They were my little family and I was their World. For over 15 years life was a wonderful adventure, now it is time for them to have their own adventures and me to have mine... It will be very hard but they gave me the courage to do so, I will always carry their love and a part of them in my heart where ever I go... I know they will do the same.

With unending love for my Mommy and Daddy and until we meet again.



  1. What a beautiful tribute to your loving Jasper. It's not easy losing a "special" pup like Jasper. ♥


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