Friday, October 24, 2014

beyond the garden gate

Have I ever told you about where I work? I don't think I have. 

If you follow me on Instagram you would know that I work in one of the most beautiful places on the face of the Earth - Tor House. I post way too many pictures of this enchanted spot but it's hard to stop because every corner brings inspiration and the views are fantabulous.

Normally you have to pay for a guided tour but follow along with me as we go beyond the garden gate for a little peek.

The courtyard is magical in any kind of weather. It's not always sunny at Tor House, frequently the fog rolls in and surrounds us.

Abalone shells line the pathways to the cottage. Usually they sit in an orderly fashion but this particular day they were all scattered but there were no animal tracks so I can only conclude that the ghosts were having a wild party before I got there. Oh, did I not mention that Tor House is haunted? I haven't run into anybody but the TV show Ghost Adventures thinks they did. I will say that I have heard  noises that defy explanation.

Told you it was a beautiful place!

The quail are frequent and very welcome visitors in our courtyard.

There are many benches where you can rest and reflect.

This is the far end of the courtyard, looking out to the sea. What lies beyond?

More beauty than you can even imagine. We've recently begun a project to bring back the natural wildflowers that would have been there in Jeffers' time.

Would you like to see inside the cottage? Let me go find the key (yes, this is the actual key that I have to use each time I go in there) and we can go inside the next time you visit.

See you soon!


  1. Hi Jonni! Visiting from your feature over on Susan's blog today. : ) I am enchanted with where you live and what a dream come true that must be. Then I see where you work and that would just put me over the top on the happiness meter! Just beautiful and it makes me think of an English cottage in the countryside. Another place I've never been but dream about!

  2. That really is an absolutely beautiful place to work!!! I'm sure you're one of the lucky ones who really loves their job:) Looking forward to seeing inside!

  3. Oh, what a tease you are!

    We will be staying in Carmel one night in November to break up the long drive to Mendocino. My husband wants to stay at L'Auberge. Is that a nice spot? Last time we stayed at Sandpiper Inn and liked it, but it is a little far to walk into town and back in the dark for dinner.

  4. Hi Jonni

    Just read about you on Must Love Junk and what a great place you have to work .
    I have such a soft heart for dogs so sorry to read about Jasper our dogs just don't stay in our lives long enough


  5. Hi Jonni, I just read your spotlight on Susan's blog. I LOVE Carmel. It's one of the most enchanting places I've ever seen. I still have my sketch of The Tuck Box from one of my trips there with my late husband. I'm remarried now to an artist and I keep telling him we need to go there so he can paint all the beautiful scenes. :) ~ Nancy


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