Wednesday, October 22, 2014

WTF Wednesday - petit pain au chocolate

It's time to bring back one of my favorite blog features - WTF Wednesday! 

 A little over a year ago I discovered the secret to happiness - you can totally make chocolate croissants (or as my French husband would say - petit pain au chocolate - he refuses to call them by the easy name) at home! This is either good news or bad news depending on your perspective, I guess. I am choosing to throw all thoughts of diet aside and declare it the Best. News. Ever.

I took pictures of the entire process to share with you. They are really easy to make, I figure even I could do it...but why would I want to when I have my own personal French chef? ;-)

just a few ingredients away from warm, melty, chocolate croissants!

Lightly flour your surface, unfold the puff pastry sheet and then cut in 3 pieces by following the fold lines

measure about 7 inches and cut the rest off to use for something else

fold over a little at the top

brush on an egg wash at the bottom. this will be your "glue" later

line up your chocolate chips, keep them in the middle when it's all folded over

fold over and press down just a little on the bottom where the egg wash was brushed. don't press too much or it won't puff up in the oven

preheat the oven to 400

set the timer for 20 minutes

put those babies in the oven
about five minutes before time is up, pull them out and quickly (and lightly) brush the entire croissant with egg wash, then put them back in the over for the final 5 minutes

DING! They're done!

Make sure you let them cool down a bit before devouring or else you'll burn your mouth...then again, maybe it's worth a little pain.

Now Wasn't That Fun?
and yummy too!


  1. Boy do these look delicious! Thanks for sharing:)

  2. Wow, they look so they took hours to make. I'll definitely have to make these, my husband will devour them! I didn't know your hubby was French, how cool:)

  3. I wish Pepperidge Farm would make that puff pastry in a gluten free version, Jonni. I have been gluten free for several years now due to Celiac's and I can't tell you how many delicious things I would have loved to make using that puff pastry. These look delicious!


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