Monday, October 20, 2014

Glampiversary plans

The "rustic elegance" anniversary party that I blogged about on Saturday wasn't going to be the only fun this past weekend; our plans went further than just one night. We had the whole weekend planned out with activities for all 3 days. We even planned on putting out of towners up for 2 nights at our favorite all-suite hotel in my hometown. I envisioned it being a little like hosting a summer camp for our friends & family without having to rough it. I had taken to calling the whole event Glampiversary.

On Friday night we had planned a private bowling welcome party at a local luxury lane, KingPinz

Now, I'm not a big bowler (I have had my share of strikes but I've also bowled a perfect gutter ball game before) but it's lots of fun with a group and luxury lanes make it even funner...what, it's a word. You rent out 2 or 3 private lanes with tables. Your catered food is brought right to you so that you bowl and eat and eat and bowl.

I was so excited about this event that I'm determined to do it one day with or without an anniversary party attached.

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  1. LOL, I do believe "funner" is a word:) Probably not really but oh well, I remember when "humongous" was not actually a word! I haven't bowled since the 6th grade and would probably be horrible at it but I'm not competitive at all so I'm sure I'd spend the whole time laughing at myself. My husband's always trying to talk me into miniature golfing, haven't done that in years either and I know I'm bad at that!

    Hopefully your party will happen one of these days! We ran off to Vegas and got married, it was really upsetting for my MIL because she had wanted us to have a big wedding. It was the 2nd time around for me and I really didn't want a big wedding but I promised her that one of these days we'll do a vow renewal...I sometimes plan it in my head, it would include lots of Lavender!


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