Saturday, October 18, 2014

happy anniversary to me

Today it's supposed to be sunny and 65 in Northern Virginia.

Since I am not in Northern Virginia right now, this is only important to me because today is the 29th anniversary of the day my husband and I started dating...and we were planning a trip back home to Virginia and a party to celebrate.

If you are wondering why you never received an invitation to this wonderful event, it's because it's not happening. We started planning, found the perfect venue, put down a deposit and then had to cancel...yet again. I've actually lost count of the number of parties I've canceled in the last four years. Ok, that's not exactly true. I remember each and every one.

But, today would have been the perfect day for the beautiful, rustic, elegant, country party that I had planned at Willow Creek Farm.


so to celebrate, I want to throw a little virtual party and share some of my plans.

That's beautiful Willow Creek Farm in Ashburn, Virginia. The restaurant did not exist when we lived in the area but we found it when we came for a visit a year ago and fell in love with the atmosphere. The restaurant consists of 4 vintage buildings and barns that were purchased in the 1980s, dismantled and stored for decades until this property became available and Clydes decided to open a restaurant.

 This is what you see as soon as you walk in the front door.

That gorgeous staircase leads to a set of private dining rooms upstairs. This is the room where the dinner would have taken place.

Oh my gosh, I knew this lace jacket was the perfect anniversary outfit (along with a crocheted skirt) the minute I saw it.

Underneath it all I was going to wear these perfect, perfect aqua boots. Love!

I love purple, it's my favorite color, so when I saw these glass jars I knew they would be perfect for centerpieces with just a few wildflowers. And I just fell in love with these burlap and lace silverware holders. I haunted Etsy for weeks to find unique items for every aspect of the celebration.

What's a party without cake? This suitcase cake is one of my favorite designs.

 We never got as far as menu planning but the restaurant is running a lobster special this month so I have a feeling that would have been on the menu. 

I had so many ideas, too many to show here but if you're at all curious go take a look at my Pinterest board to see what I had in mind.

It would have been an awesome party. 


  1. Happy dateaversary! Such a wonderful virtual celebration! :)
    Our dateaversary was on the 8th (32 years!). Thanks for remembering tomorrow! So you two started dating one day before the day we got married!

  2. Happy anniversary. I sure love that white top! After all you've shown here, I want to go with you! :)

  3. Happy Anniversary! I'm sorry your party isn't happening...your plans look terrific! :)

  4. Happy Anniversary! What a bummer that your party wasn't able to happen but it looks like it would've been amazing!!! I love the aqua boots:) My husband and I met at a really seedy "cocktail lounge" in So Cal 7 1/2 years ago, it would be a riot to plan a party there one day:)


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