Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tie the apron strings

I don't really know why I like aprons, it's not like I'm a great cook or anything.  I'm not even sure I like to cook, I've done so little of it the last few years.  Somewhere along the line T started doing more and more of the cooking and I let him.  I figured, I did it for the first 15 years of our marriage, now it's his turn.

So cooking is not my thing but I just love aprons.  I think they beckon to the retro housewife buried deep inside me...really deep inside because it's not like housework is my thing either.  I do love to bake and I'd do more of it if I had people around to eat the finished product.  I'm a little klutzy in the kitchen so that's probably why I first became attracted to aprons, for the practicality of it.  Then I fell in love with the beauty.

I am drawn to the past especially the 30s and 40s.  I love vintage fabrics - the soft colors, the florals, the kitchy little touches like big bunches of cherries or faces on embroidered teapots.  Luckily for me, all these things have gotten very popular in the past few years so it's not too hard to find really cute aprons in the stores.  Unluckily for me, they cost money, more money than I usually want to spend so up until now, my love for aprons has mostly been from afar. 

Monday, however, I was in Carmel waiting for the library to open at 1 (darned budget cuts) and I wandered into a kitchen store that had cute aprons on sale...WAY on sale, sale prices that even I couldn't pass up.  So I now am on my way to a collection of aprons.  I bought 2 and I've always heard that 3 of anything is a collection so I'm not quite there yet.  If anybody wants to send me an apron made out of vintage reproduction fabric, feel free. ;-)

Actually, the aprons I bought probably aren't all that vintage looking but they were too adorable to pass up.

My first apron features a blue background with tropical drinks and umbrellas.  The straps are my favorite shade of pink.

The second apron features flip flops.  I love to wear flip flops but rarely get to wear them in California so it's pretty much my only footwear when I touch down in the sunshine state. .
I will really enjoy wearing this around the house in Florida, I always feel more like cooking there, not sure why especially since T really considers that *his* kitchen and rarely gives me a chance to cook in there.  Trust me, I'm not complaining but sometimes even I want to putter around in the kitchen.  I think it must be all that sunshine, gives me energy.

So there you have it, the beginnings of my apron collection.  I look forward to adding to it and maybe even actually using some of them.

Have you been admiring my lovely model?  His name is Lance, short for Lancelot, of course.  He is a valued member of the family and usually hangs out in our living room.  He's about 5'2" and really light so it was no trouble bringing him out to the backyard to model the aprons.  Here's what he looks like when he's not living like a supermodel.
He's one gorgeous hunk o'tin!

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