Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Road Trip! Packing


You'll never guess where I am headed...well, ok, maybe I gave you a teensy-weensy hint up there.

The irony is that although we're going to Vegas, we might never make it to the Strip because we're not going to gamble or get married or see a cool show or go shopping or eat in a fabulous restaurant...we're going for a family reunion.

Luckily the in-laws live in a lovely home with a swimming pool so I plan on spending my time lounging around the cement pond while the family catch up with each other. Sun, swim, great food - I won't even miss the wedding chapels slot machines amazing shows.

I often read articles with tips on how to pack like here and here or here and one of my favorite blogs - The Daily Connoisseur - has a few helpful posts about The Art of Packing. Yes, there's inspiration everywhere but sometimes you just have to jump in and get your hands dirty to really learn how to do something.

Here I go.

Now this isn't going to be one of those preachy little posts about how I'm an expert packer and you're not, so you should just do everything I do. This is going to be more like - I'm going to pack all this stuff and when I get home I'll tell you if I scored or I totally screwed up. That's much more my style.

It is going to be a 4 day trip to a hot (150 million degrees in the shade) climate so I'm just taking a carry-on and in it I'll put:

2 skirts
3 shirts
2 swimsuits
1 swim cover-up
1 dress for family photos
And that's it, that's all I'm taking...and that scares me. What if I regret not taking more? What if an unexpected snowstorm comes through and I wish I had a sweater...or a parka...or boots? Or even worse, what if I run out of clothes before I run out of days?  And yet, I know I'd rather have too few clothes and have to wear the same thing twice rather than have to drag huge suitcases through the airport. At least that's what I keep telling myself.
Have you ever seen the scene in Titanic where Rose and Cal show up at the dock and they have an entire car full of trunks to take on the voyage? Now that's one girl who never had to worry about having enough to wear. The clothes horse in me would kinda love to travel that way but since I don't have any staff to travel with me and deal with the headaches of all that luggage, I guess I'll have to content myself with stuffing everything into this cute pink suitcase.
I read somewhere that you should roll up your clothes when you pack them, they take up less space and it cuts down on wrinkles. I agree that it seems to cut down on the amount of space used but the jury is still out on the whole wrinkle thing. I'll let you know.
rollin' rollin' rollin' - keep those clothies rollin'
All the clothes are rolled tight and packed...plenty of room for the real essentials - accessories! Tune in tomorrow!


  1. I can pack pretty light, except when I go into it with no planning and just randomly throw things into a suitcase (not a good plan). Jamie, however, likes to pack enough for EVERY weather and/or social possibility. And she did so for the conference last year. Except she was still on a lifting restriction after her surgery. Yeah. Fun for Mom. :)
    Have fun!

  2. I have an Excel checklist with different tabs if I'm going in the camper, car, by air, or different youth events.
    I do not pack light, but then my father packs heavier than my mother or I.


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