Wednesday, July 17, 2013

WTF Wednesday

Welcome to a little feature that may or may not appear here on Wednesdays - I call it WTF. Sometimes I'll feature a recipe, some days I might take us sightseeing, every once in a while I might even bore you with show childhood pictures but at the end of it I promise you'll say - WTF?

Does your family have any little traditions? Something I've always liked about the Betsy-Tacy books was the tradition that the Ray family used to follow called Sunday Night Lunch - Betsy's friends would gather at the Ray house every Sunday evening for singing and dancing and Mr. Ray would make onion sandwiches for everyone. The whole thing started because their cook needed the night off and the poor Ray family had to fend for themselves. Apparently none of them could cook so the best they could do was slice up raw onions and slap them between two slices of bread but the crazy high school crowd loved it and a weekend tradition was born!

My family had similar traditions and they all revolved around food. Every Friday night my dad made popcorn on the stove, for Saturday supper my father would grill hamburgers, Sunday breakfast consisted of Pillsbury biscuits and honey and Sunday lunch was always steak, also grilled by dad. Truth be told, my mother had come up with a brilliant scheme so that she never had to cook on weekends.

Saturday breakfast was my favorite. My father would bust out a can of corned beef hash, fry it up with some chopped onions and top it all with perfect eggs - sunny side up, of course.

Saturday mornings were just the best when I was a kid. I got up whenever I wanted and I could spend the entire morning watching TV. There were chores waiting for me for the afternoon (and as the only child at home, I had ALL the chores with no one to trade with...ever) but the morning was mine. In the midst of this orgy of cartoons, my father would start cooking and the house smelled amazing. I mean, is there anything better than the smell of fried onions? He would bring me a plate and we'd sit together eating this ambrosia while watching a cartoon...or he would try to talk me into switching over to a cowboy movie. It was bliss.

Every once in a while, when I'm feeling nostalgic, I recreate these perfect Saturday mornings and I thought I'd bring you along today.

It's a complicated process with lots of ingredients so start taking notes now. You need 3 things - a can of corned beef hash, onions, and eggs. Got that?


Chop up an onion and start cooking. At some point, doesn't really matter when, you can open the can and scoop the hash into the pan. Mix together with the onions and cook until everything is hot.

Crack a couple of eggs in a different pan and fry them.

You really should be writing this down, I told you it was complicated.

When the eggs are done you spoon the hash out onto a plate and top it with the eggs.

The perfect plate of corned beef hash and eggs

If you are very lucky you will end up with eggs that look like this

Unless, of course, you don't like runny yokes in which case you might want to cook them longer but I don't see the point because corned beef hash tastes best when mixed with runny egg yoke. That's just how it is.
If you follow these simple steps you will have the building blocks for a perfect Saturday morning. Go turn on those cartoons and enjoy! If you're really nice I might loan you one of my H.R. Pufnstuf videos so that you can have a truly authentic experience.
Now Wasn't That Fun?


  1. Hey! That was fun! It reminded me of my dad. Hmm...I wonder if I could get picky eater Jim to eat hash (with not runny eggs). Me? Love runny eggs!
    Thanks for WTF Wednesday! (I think that's the first time I've typed WTF :) ).

  2. My father would never agree to grill or anything resembling cooking. If my Mom gets sick, he'll make himself breakfast but leaves the dishes for when she feels better or I get home from work.

  3. Todd doesn't like runny eggs. He also doesn't like: tomatoes, watermelon, cantaloupe, peaches, and cilantro. The tomatoes are what break my heart the most. But he does like me, so it's okay.

  4. I agree with him about the watermelon, cantaloupe, cilantro and most especially those icky tomatoes. :-) Well, actually, come to think of it, I'm not fond of peaches either unless they're peeled.

    I actually was thinking about him when I wrote the part about people not liking runny eggs, I truly don't understand that but I was aware of it...I've had to "over" cook eggs for him before.


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