Saturday, July 20, 2013




As 3 of my favorite fellows would say - you've either got or you haven't got it.

I like to think I have a style. I don't really follow current fashion but I adore retro/vintage looks and I try to buy only classic styles of clothing that look like they could have been found at a local vintage store. I would buy vintage but there just isn't a lot of it in my size so I have to make do with what's out in the stores. Sometimes it isn't easy, some seasons I hate everything I see but usually, with a lot of patience, I can find the one gem in a sea of crap.

Some years I'm really lucky and vintage is IN so there's a lot out there that appeals to me. Of course then the contrary part of me kicks in and grumbles about trends and looking like everyone else out there. Part of style, for me, is being just different enough so that I don't look like I'm following the crowd.

All this stylishness can be a lot of work. I actually have to think about what I wear in the morning. Some days I leave behind a pile of discarded clothing on the floor because the outfit I originally planned to wear looked better in my head than it did on my body. I suppose it would be easier to throw on a boxy t-shirt and sweat pants but I just can't imagine walking around like that all day so I keep trying things on until I get a look that makes me smile.

To each his own, I'm not telling anybody else what to do (although I'd dearly love to) but, for me, it's worth the extra time it might take and I thoroughly enjoy any compliments that come my way. I know I'm doing something right when I hear words like elegant, cute and fun.

So, because stylish stuff is a big part of my life, from time to time I'm going to write about clothing and accessories I've found that fit into my style. I hope you'll like them too and maybe it'll inspire.

You've either got or you haven't got style - I know which side I want to be on!


  1. Unfortunately I have no style. I try to look somewhat put together though. Not always easy at my size and the work I may have to do at the drop of a hat. And throw in working from home. Not a good combination all the way 'round. I think I know how I wish I looked if that helps. :)

  2. Figuring out how I wanted to look was my essential first step and I'm not sure I really got there until a couple of years ago. The next step is ridding your closet of anything that doesn't fit with that image...I'm still working on that. Some days are still a major fail and when I'm hanging out at home, I'm all about the stretchy pants and baggy sweaters.

  3. I think that having style was passed down from Grandmother to Mother and then to us. And each of us had/has her own style. And I think the need to be unique came especially to you and me. Not a bad heritage.


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