Sunday, November 15, 2015

happy Sunday

It's been quite a week, on both a global and a personal level, and there is fear about the future.

But I vow to not let that stop me from being happy in the moment.

We're on our way today to take family pictures with Santa...all of us including Charlie, who is dressed in her pretty Halloween dress again. I still haven't figured out what I'm wearing and since we're supposed to leave in 25 minutes, I guess I'd better work on that.

Have a happy Sunday everybody!

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  1. What a sad and upsetting weekend it's been with all the Paris attacks:( It's heartbreaking to say the least. We got out and about today, went to lunch and then to see the movie The 33 (I highly recommend it!). Life has to go on, despite all the hatred in the world:(

    I hope you guys had a fun day visiting Santa!


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