Sunday, November 8, 2015

snapshots from Florida

I recently returned to Florida for the first time after moving back to California in May and it was definitely bittersweet. I still love it there and often wish things had turned out differently so being back in the area brings up a lot of feelings.

Luckily my mother lives in a beautiful spot with an amazing view of the lake. I wouldn't mind being able to watch the water every day, I find it very soothing.

It's especially fun to bird watch. Florida has a unique variety of winged creatures. I love it when they pause long enough for me to get a few pictures.

Florida is also the home of one of my favorite casual restaurants - Steak N Shake. I try to make a visit each time I'm in Florida. I wish we were going to be there for Thanksgiving, I'd definitely go!

Of course I'd make sure to leave room for a full turkey dinner later, of course.

Leaving Florida is never easy, lots of tears, but memories help ease the transition.


  1. Oh my gosh, Kyran loves Steak n Shake! We went there for breakfast one morning, I didn't like my meal at all so he ate both his and then mine:)

    I can soooo deeply relate to your feelings! When we moved back to So Cal, I found myself missing FL more and more each day but, the reality is, until we strike it rich we had to pick a coast:) Luckily you've got family here so it can always be a home away from home for you:)

  2. I haven't been in blog land much lately, so I had no idea you had moved back from Florida. We had a similar thing happen to us back in 2003. We moved from Florida to Idaho in 2000, and in 2003, we decided we missed the South, so we moved to Georgia. Things didn't work out there, so 3 months later, we moved back to Idaho. Two cross-country moves in a short period of time was very draining, especially on the pocketbook.

    My daughter got married last month, so now that the busyness of that season is behind me, I'm hoping to be around blog land again. Of course, I don't have a blog anymore, but I may end up starting one again. Or else, I'll just read blogs.



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