Monday, November 2, 2015

I got a job!

So, lots of things to catch up on.

You might remember hearing me bitch and moan a bit over the summer about my desperate job search. As you may recall, I was feeling very sorry for myself for having left my wonderful job at Tor House to move to Florida only to end up moving back to California and have to look for another job.

Truth be told, I still feel a bit sorry for myself over that.

But, I'm working on looking forward, not backward and so I spent the summer doing temp jobs and sending out resumes.

And going on interviews and not getting jobs.

Dream summer, right?

But then, as summer ended and autumn began, things began to happen. Weird things.

First of all I had an interview at a non-profit in Carmel. The interview went well and the next day I was asked for my references. I was told I'd hear something by Friday...Monday at the latest.

Friday came and went and I heard nothing. This didn't bode well. On Monday I had an interview at another place for a job that seemed nice. They told me I would hear an answer that afternoon. 

And that afternoon I heard from both that interview and the non-profit. Same answer. NO. Believe me, it is not fun to be rejected twice within the space of an hour.

I cried and cried...all afternoon.

But then I interviewed for a bookkeeping job at a small business and I got a call 2 days later from the owner telling me that I was everyone's first choice and he just had a few more questions which I answered and he promised to get back to me on Monday.

Which he did. He called and asked me to come in the next day and get started. 


or not

The next week was the weirdest of my life. I went into the small business on Tuesday expecting to meet with the owner's wife who had been doing the books. She wasn't there when I arrived so the owner had me start cleaning off a table and making files. Then the wife came and instead of starting with her, the owner decided to take her out to lunch and told me to keep making the files. Then they came back from lunch and the wife had another appointment so she left. Then the owner had an appointment and he left. I finished up the files and I left.

Before the wife left, she and I made plans to meet the next day but at 7am, the owner texted me and said he would be out of the office all day and I should come by on Thursday so I did but instead of starting work, the owner said his wife was mad at him because she wasn't available that day (and he had scheduled this all without consulting her) and he really needed about a week so that they could both get organized on how to start the process of transferring the books over to me. I asked if he wanted to get back to me when they were ready and he seemed relieved at my suggestion. He said he'd given his wife my contact info and she would call me to set up a time to start.

So I left.

I haven't heard from him since.

When I walked out I knew that things probably weren't going to work out there (and I really never wanted to see this guy again) so I immediately called the temp agency and told them I was available again. I also had another job opportunity up my sleeve although it was a longshot.

Earlier in the week I had an interview scheduled with a local nature reserve non-profit but I had canceled it when the other job came through. I decided to email the nature reserve to let them know i was available again just in case they hadn't found anybody although I truly doubted it would work out.

Imagine my surprise when they immediately responded and scheduled an interview with me. Then more joy and surprise when I had a second interview with them and then a job offer. I guess it was meant to be. I started 2 weeks ago and it's a lovely place to work with super nice people.

It's also a wonderful place to hike on the weekends and T and I have really been enjoying our time there.

The reserve, also known as the Slough, encompasses 3500 acres much of which is former farmland. There used to be a dairy farm there from the '20s through the '70s.

So I've landed in another beautiful place and for that I'm truly grateful.



  1. Oh, that is so awesome that you've found a job that's the right fit for you! It really does take time (and an incredibly thick skin these days!) to find something you truly enjoy. One of the worst feelings is having to get up in the mornings and go to a job you hate. It sounds like a blessing that the previous job didn't work out, eek on that one!


  2. What a relief for finally get a job, and it be one that is fulfilling.
    I'm Debbie, from
    Welcome to the blogging community.
    Congratulations on your new job. It sounds like something you will enjoy. The photos are wonderful!
    Enjoy your afternoon.


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