Saturday, November 7, 2015

kindred spirits

Every once in a while, magic happens and your life is never the same.

Way back in the dark ages of the Internet, I joined a listserv called Kindred Spirits for fans of the LM Montgomery series. And I do mean dark ages because this was 1995 - 20 years ago.

We were all new to the Internet and it was amazing to have found a group of adults who shared my love of a red-haired, talkative orphan girl. 

This initial group formed fast friendships that are still going strong to this day. We're spread out all over the world but we've been lucky enough to meet up in person here or there and now, even though we rarely spend any time posting on the list anymore, we are still the best of friends. I honestly can't imagine my life without these friendships...I wouldn't want to imagine it.

By a happy circumstance, 2 of these friends spend the winter in the very same Florida town that I sometimes call home so we've been able to meet up at least once or twice each year even though normally we live thousands of miles apart.

Recently I made a very short visit to FL to spend some time with my mother and I managed to sneak away for lunch with my kindred friends. 

Normally we follow a very strict schedule when we get together - swimming in the morning followed by lunch at Sweet Tomatoes. But this time I wasn't available for a full day and the pool was just a little too chilly anyway. We decided to ditch healthy food for a steakhouse that has amazing dinner rolls. Here we were fighting over the rolls. 

We had a little too much fun with the following selfies...and it's clear I need practice taking them.

  What a fun day...can't wait to do it again! Maybe one day we'll all be able to meet up on PEI, the home of our beloved Anne.

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  1. I love our Anne girl too! She's so spunky and fun!!

    I've had the privilege and joy of connecting with some kindred spirits through the wonderful world of the internet too. A couple friends I've been able to meet face-to-face...others, though, our friendship is conducted through emails. I think it's wonderful that you and your Anne friends enjoy such a sweet friendship.

    When we lived in Florida, we used to love Sweet Tomatoes. Haven't been there since we moved, and, in fact, I had forgotten all about it until you mentioned it.



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